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If you are charged with Driving without a Licence, you will likely be concerned about what happens next. At Lucinda Dore Solicitors, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the best possible outcome for all types of Road Traffic Offences. We will support you throughout the entire process, and provide you with clear and robust representation. Get in touch now.
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The Penalties.

The law on Driving without a Licence.

Lucinda Dore Solicitors can assist you by presenting your case to the court on your behalf. We do all the talking for you, helping to alleviate the anxiety and stress that you are no doubt feeling as you await your court case.

Section 87 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Driving without a Licence is also referred to in law as ‘Driving Otherwise in Accordance with a Licence’. The 1988 Road Traffic Act stipulates that it is:
● an offence for a person to drive on a road a motor vehicle of any class otherwise than in accordance with a licence authorising him to drive a motor vehicle of that class; and● an offence for a person to cause or permit another person to drive on a road a motor vehicle of any class otherwise than in accordance with a licence authorising that person to drive a motor vehicle of that class.

What about provision licence holders?

This offence also covers where a provisional licence holder has failed to comply with the conditions of his provisional licence - e.g. driven unaccompanied or without displaying 'L' plates.

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Road Traffic Law

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- What are the penalties for Driving without a Licence?

This offence is punishable with between three and six penalty points (or a discretionary disqualification) and a fine up to £1,000. We can assist any person facing an investigation as well as those who have received a summons to attend court for this offence.

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    Lucinda Dore Solicitors can provide expert Road Traffic Legal Help - we can advise you if you have a defence in law or have an argument of Special Reasons. We offer a free telephone consultation for any person who faces an investigation or charge for this offence. We offer a more personable service than most firms, providing our clients with the option of virtual consultations from the privacy and comfort of their own home. Complete the online enquiry form below for tailored guidance.