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Lucinda Dore Environmental Defence Solicitors can assist you or your business if you are facing an investigation or prosecution for an Environmental Law offence.

Lucinda Dore has been representing clients at interviews under caution and at court for these offences for over 20 years.  

Environmental Law is complex and constantly evolving with a wide range of offences which an individual person or business can commit. Environmental Law breaches can be costly on a financial and adverse publicity basis, so it important that businesses seek legal advice as soon as possible to deal promptly with any incidents that can compromise their company’s reputation.
We advise always seeking specialist solicitor environmental law advice before agreeing to attend an interview under caution with the Environmental Agency or Local Authority, as these interviews can have serious implications and may give rise to a criminal prosecution. Lucinda Dore offers specialist legal advice and robust representation for businesses and/or individuals being investigated or prosecuted for environmental offences.

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The Penalties.

The Law

Environmental offences cover any illegal activity that harms the environment and include cases such as the improper disposal of waste, water pollution, non-compliance with complex waste or permitting regulations or even failing to keep proper waste disposal records.
The main agency responsible for enforcing environmental law in England is the Environment Agency (who has numerous investigatory and enforcement powers, including powers of entry, powers to request information, documents or records, and powers to enforce or prohibit certain behaviour through notices. However, there are other regulatory agencies in England, such as: Natural England; the Marine Management Organisation; the National Measurement Office; and the Departments for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Energy and Climate Change; and Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

Local authorities also have their own environmental health departments to assist in the enforcement of environmental regulations, including the regulation of emissions and air, water and land from smaller industrial plants and collecting and disposing of municipal waste.


The Environmental or Local Authority investigating the matter have a range of options including issuing Enforcement or Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) or instigating a criminal prosecution.
Most cases in the courts for Environmental Offence are dealt with by way of a substantial Fine although some of the more serious offences carry a risk of imprisonment of those responsible such as Directors of the business. The Environmental Agency can also apply for ancillary orders following a conviction which can include the disqualification of a director and confiscation of assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Those convicted of an environmental offence who hold an environmental permit, may have their competence to hold that permit reviewed and reconsidered. A conviction is also likely to have implications on any current or future permit applications.

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Regulatory Law

Lucinda Dore solicitors are specialist regulatory lawyers in Environmental investigations and prosecutions by the Environmental Agency (EA) and local authorities. Based in West Sussex and London, serving clients throughout the UK

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How can we help you?

Our solicitors can help you in response to regulatory investigations or prosecutions for environmental offences. We can advise and represent you at any interview under caution (also known as ‘Voluntary’ or ‘PACE’ interviews) for investigations by the EA or a local authority, as well as represent you in court for any environmental criminal investigations and prosecutions. We can advise you on the appropriate defence strategy and provide effective representation at each stage of the proceedings.
Lucinda Dore Solicitors can assist you if you are facing an investigation or prosecution for any of the following offences - • Improper disposal of waste• Carrying on a regulated activity without an environmental permit.• Failure to comply with the conditions of an environmental permit.• Failure to register as an authorised waste carrier/broker.• Unauthorised or harmful deposit, treatment or disposal of waste (fly-tipping) • Improper disposal of chemicals and dangerous substances.• Illegal discharges to air, land and water.• Statutory nuisance offences, including noise nuisance.• Contaminated land.• Breaches of the Packaging Waste Regulations.• Failure to comply with notices and sanctions.
Breaches of Environmental laws can lead to significant financial penalties and in the most serious cases, custodial sentences, as well as adverse publicity. Lucinda Dore Solicitors are regulatory specialists with more than 20 years’ experience dealing with Environmental offences and prosecutions. We understand the pressure on companies to ensure strict compliance with the environmental law, and we can help any businesses no matter the size, from sole traders to multinationals.

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