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Local Authority Investigation

Our Local Authority Investigation Services


Education Act Offences

If your child is of compulsory school age and is registered at a school but fails to attend regularly, you as the parent are guilty of a Criminal Offence. Should you find yourself in this predicament, contact Lucinda Dore Solicitors.


Food Hygiene

We appreciate that running a successful small food business can be difficult at the best of times but to be faced with an investigation or prosecution can be hugely damaging for a business. We can defend any council prosecution and have assisted restaurants, bars and other small food businesses for a number of years. Contact us now.


Fly Tipping

We can assist any person or business who faces an investigation or prosecution for Fly Tipping. We can attend an interview with you at the council offices or attend court to provide advocacy to mitigate your offence or to defend the charge to protect you or your business. Get in touch now.


Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Offences

It can be difficult for landlords to keep up to date with their ever changing legal requirements. A conviction for a HMO Offence can have serious implications for future HMO licence applications which require a ‘fit and proper’ requirement to be met by applicants. Let us help you today.


Voluntary Interview Under Caution Representation

Have you received a letter or phone call from the police, DWP, HMRC, local authority or any other regulatory body asking you to attend an interview under caution? Lucinda Dore Criminal Solicitors know how worry that will be for you. We are here to help.


Trading Standards Offences

Lucinda Dore Solicitors can assist you or your business for any local authority investigation including Trading Standards Investigations and prosecutions.


Environmental Offences

Lucinda Dore solicitors are specialist regulatory lawyers in Environmental investigations and prosecutions by the Environmental Agency (EA) and local authorities.