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Drug Driving

Our expert solicitors know your questions. We have the answers. We can help you.

Have you been charged or received a summons for Drug Driving?

Lucinda Dore Solicitors have over 19 years of expert Drug Driving Solicitor experience representing people facing Drug Driving charges in Courts and Police Stations. Our reputation and unremarkable success takes us around the country. We don’t judge, we are here to listen, advise and expertly present your case to the court.
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Our Drug Driving services. 

Lucinda Dore Solicitors can assist you by presenting your case to the court on your behalf. We do all the talking for you, helping to alleviate the anxiety and stress that you are no doubt feeling as you await your court case.

Advice for first-time offenders.

We are often approached by clients who have never been in court before and don’t know where to turn.
Lucinda Dore’s clients are often first-time offenders who need help and guidance. It can be daunting the prospect of attending court; we can make the process easier, achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Representation in court. 

We will take your full instructions about the offence and your personal circumstances and we will be able to advocate in court for you. We will select the most important and beneficial information that the court will need to hear.

We will ensure that you are fully advised of the process and are prepared for what will happen in court. We will also be able to advise you if you have any grounds to appeal against a sentence given.

Drug Driving Limits

The law has a very low tolerance to drug driving limits. A table of drug driving limits can be found here. 

Client care.
Friendly advice.
Trusted by you.

We've represented 100's of happy clients as you will see from our testimonials.

I just want to say what a wonderful job you have done not only today but throughout the whole time I have known you. I don't know where I would be without your help. My family are so grateful I have you representing me.

Hi Lucinda - I wanted to thank you for your support during my case. You put my mind at rest and made the whole process not only painless but also stress free, so thank-you.

Road Traffic Law

Drug Driving Solicitors based in West Sussex and London, serving clients throughout the UK

Our expert solicitors know your questions. We have the answers. We can help you.


Worried about losing your licence?

We can help save your driving licence or at the very least keep the disqualification to a minimum.

Don't go into court unprepared. 

We prepare your court case in advance. Our solicitors will request a copy of the Initial Disclosure of the Prosecution Evidence (IDPC) from the CPS before your court hearing. This means you will know exactly what the police and prosecution will be saying about your arrest and the case at your court hearing.

Pleading guilty or not guilty.

We will find any legal arguments that can be made in your case. We will be able to assess that evidence for you to find any legal arguments that may be possible to avoid a Disqualification from driving.

Talking in court. 

If you're worried about talking in court, don't be. We do the talking for you. At the very least, if you plead guilty, we will be able to mitigate your case in court to achieve the minimum disqualification length possible.

Fixed fee solicitor for Drug Driving.

We will always be able to agree a fixed fee for a first (and usually the only) court appearance for Drug Driving offences, this way everyone knows where they stand. We can assist you in any city, any court, anytime.
We are able to offer a fixed fee.
We will always offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your case - complete the online form below to get in touch.

What do I get for my fixed fee?

  • Pre-court meeting.

    Lucinda Dore Solicitors will have a meeting with you before you court appearance to ensure we have all the information needed to achieve the best outcome. Our aim is always to try to avoid a disqualification but if this is not possible we strive to reduce your disqualification to the absolute minimum. We know how important your driving licence is to you.

  • Tailored advice.

    We will listen carefully to your own personal case and circumstances and will be able to advise you what to expect to receive at court. We will select from what you tell us the best mitigation available and will advise you if you need to obtain any more information to present to the court (sometimes your doctor can provide a medical letter or your employer may provide a reference for example).

  • Preparation.

    Most importantly we will be able to ensure that you are fully prepared for the hearing so that you are able to attend court with the reassurance that you have a solicitor by your side who knows your personal case. We will be able to answer any questions that you have so that you know what to expect.

  • Advanced disclosure.

    We are able to approach the prosecution before the court hearing to request the evidence against you so that you know what the case against you is before you get to court.

  • Office and virtual consultation.

    Sometimes clients like to attend our offices for extra reassurance and we can arrange an additional office appointment for £175 + VAT before the court date at your request (currently being conducted via Zoom in light of Covid-19).

  • Support on your court date.

    On the court date itself, we are by your side. We will go through everything with you before you enter the court room so that you are ready. We will liaise with the court ushers and staff so that you are kept up to date as to when your case will be heard.

  • Specialist representation.

    In court we do all the talking for you - you will simply need to confirm your plea and we will do the rest, so that your case is presented in the best way possible.