No painted lines, no flash triggered, two-way speed cameras in the UK!

No painted lines, no flash triggered, two-way speed cameras in the UK!

The UK is rolling out new and upgraded speed cameras to ensure drivers adhere to road speeds and do not break UK driving laws.

Drivers are warned about the new vector-SR cameras. These spot cameras work quite differently to old-style cameras. They do not require painted lines on the road as they use infra-red low-light technology. Also, they no longer “flash” when triggered, which means that drivers might be unaware if they have been fined.

The vector-SR uses a video-based system that works alongside an intelligent virtual grid to judge if a driver is speeding. The video means that driver can be prosecuted for other offences, such as using mobile phones or not wearing a seat belt.

These painted yellow cameras will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Currently, this new system has been installed in Devon, Cornwall, Greater Manchester and parts of Wales. Transport Scotland has also signed a contract to install them in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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