Halloween is approaching…Ghost, witches, zombies and skeletons will be roaming on the streets, so drivers’ focus can be diverted to seeing, rather than paying attention on the road.

So, today we would like to share some tips to help you and your loved ones to have a safe and happy celebration.


1.       Reduce your speed, especially around city centres, towns and villages, even if you don’t see trick-or-treaters around.

2.       Keep in mind that driving at night is three times as risky as driving during the day.  At sunset there will be a lot of children trick or treatingTurn on your headlights before sunset to make your vehicle more visible. Pay particular attention at crosswalks and intersections.

3.       Be more mindful and slower when pulling in or out your driveway and crossing parking lots. Scan left and right, particularly for any children coming suddenly. 

4.       Do not go through the children’s treat bags while driving.

5.       Make sure your costume does not interfere with safe driving operation. This includes limited visibility from masks and off or uncomfortable footwear.


1.       Parents should accompany children younger than 12.

2.       When transporting children make sure that the car seat is properly secure, as puffy costumes and outfits with excess material can interfere with the seat’s ability to keep the child safe in a collision.

3.       Parents should remind children to pay extra attention when crossing the road and to look for cars when crossing driveways. Pedestrian shouldn’t assume they have the right of way because motorists might not see them. Children should stay on sidewalks instead of walking between cars or lawns, where there could be tripping hazards. Kids should keep their phones in their pockets. Walking with a device increases the risk of the child not being aware of their surroundings.

4.       Avoid costumes that make it more difficult for a child to see, especially costumers that include masks. Also, consider choosing costumes that are lighter colours, which make it easier for drivers to see them. Adding reflective material to the front and back makes a costume easier to pick out, and these elements can be incorporated into the design. Glow sticks can help too.

5.       Do not trick-or treat when it’s truly dark.

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