Drink Driving Defences – Contaminated Urine Testing

Drink Driving Defences – Contaminated Urine Testing

Did you know that the police have strict procedures to follow when taking urine samples to test for alcohol content when having stopped a driver suspected of drink driving? 

In short, if the police have failed to follow the correct procedures it will put the accuracy of the alcohol result into question which we at Lucinda Dore Drink Driving Solicitors can challenge for you.

For example – In urine testing scenarios - Two samples of urine must be taken within 1 hour of each other, with the first disposed of and only the 2nd used for analysis.  The reason for this is to ensure that urine is collected from earlier in the drinking pattern (i.e. before the driving) does not contaminate the sample at the time of test.

Our Drink Driving solicitors have seen the police make a number of mistakes when it comes to urine testing (perhaps as urine samples are less frequently used than breath testing), but the most common mistakes are –

      1.   Taking two samples in one go; or

       2.  A suspect being told to stop and hold some urine back for the next sample.

In these scenarios the sample that is analysed will be contaminated with the earlier drinking pattern and thus cannot give an accurate reading of the level if alcohol in the system at the time of driving.

Its always worth asking us to take a look at your case for you – the police procedures are there for a reason to ensure that the results are accurate.  Contact us should you be facing a Drink Drive investigation – we are here to help.