6 tips that can help you reduce anxiety and stress if you are involved in a legal incident

6 tips that can help you reduce anxiety and stress if you are involved in a legal incident

We are often approached by clients who have never been in court before, and this prospect can be very daunting and stressful, particularly for first-time offenders. A lot of our clients did not realise that they were over the legal limit to drive.

Our firm has a very non-judgmental and humanistic approach. We provide knowledgeable and confident legal advice for all our clients; but our interest goes beyond legal advice and advocacy, we truly care for our clients' wellbeing; and this reflects in our open and friendly nature whilst having the ability to take full instructions about the offence and our clients' particular personal circumstances.

We often get phone calls from clients who feel unsettled about the legal process and particularly, of the outcome. This level of anxiety and stress can cause a lot of disruption on this person's personal life and work environment. So, we want to share with you some of the things you could do to help you reduce some of your worries and anxiety, and to get through a legal process smoother:

1. The first conundrum. Do I need a solicitor to attend a Magistrate's court with me? We have had cases of people unsure if they needed a solicitor to attend court with them and/or worried if they were going to be able to afford legal fees. Ok, I know we might sound biased because we are a solicitors' firm, but please do not underestimate the importance and advantage of having a solicitor in court with you. Some people are not aware that certain crimes entail more severe penalties than what they expect or think and having somebody with experience can be the difference between winning the case, getting points on your licence, or a community penalty conviction such as unpaid work in the community as opposed to losing your licence or imprisonment, depending on the case. Our firm offer affordable fixed fees. 

2. Make sure you do your research before you select a solicitor. When professionals are specialised in a particular area/niche, this could increase your chances of success in your case, therefore this in itself can give you a certain level of reassurance. At Lucinda Dore Solicitors Ltd, we specialise in Road Traffic Law, DWP & Local Authority Investigations and Prosecutions and Appeals, HMRC Investigations and Appeals, Trading Standards Investigations, Health and Safety Investigations, Police Station Advice and Assistance. If you are unsure if we are able to help you with a particular legal case, please send us an email to lucinda@ldlegalservices.co.uk.

3. If you have to answer a letter, attend an interview or go to court, please do not leave it until the last moment. Although we are able to help you regardless, and we have helped a lot of people in this particular situation, it makes the process so much easier for your solicitor and for yourself to get prepared with time, and it will help you to feel less stressed.

4. Please be honest with your solicitor and with yourself about the offence. Although this might sound very obvious, sometimes a person can get caught up in wanting to fight a case against their solicitor's advice, when all the evidence doesn't support this approach/advice. Of course, if you are unsure of the legal advice you are receiving, you should get a second opinion. But what we mean with this is that sometimes there are cases that are about mitigating/damage limitation, and this could actually work in your favour as you could get a reduced sentence. We do not make false promises and we are very honest with our clients when/if we receive a case like this.

5. Be diligent and make sure your solicitors are as well. If you have been asked to send any documentation or evidence for your case, please do so within the time frame given. It is also important that the solicitor you are hiring is reachable and able to answer any questions you might have; and also check they are efficient with deadlines.

6. Although this last one is outside legal scope, we think it is very important, so we cannot leave it out. Please try to disconnect from overthinking about your case. Incorporating a daily activity that helps you to reduce anxiety and/or stress could be beneficial. Some ideas could be simply breathing exercises, meditation, walking outdoors with family and/or friends, talking to someone you trust about your worries and fears, or seeking professional help especially if you are struggling with alcohol and/or substance abuse.

Please remember our team is always here to listen and offer you the reassurance you need. You can call us on 03332420691. We hope this information was helpful to you and/or a family member and/or friend. So please feel free to share it!